Sep 162013

You may have noticed the site is a bit more covered with Brick Bout. That’s because we finished! We completed the launch version and got approved from apple for the iPad port of Brick Bout!

We still have a lot of work to do though. There’s all the updating of the different sites, blog, reaching out to people and all the crazy things that come after launching a game. In addition to that we still need to finish up the OUYA port but we are hoping now that we managed to get the ios launch underway, we will be able to finish up quickly and get it out.

As for the future of Brick Bout, we plan to add a new game mode soon to go along with the launch on OUYA so that should be pretty fun and we are picking up Dude Man work again!

More news later but for now, celebrate with us and go download Brick Bout for free!


Aug 112013

Everything is set up to where we can start beta testing! We are going to be doing that through two methods. The HTML5 version you can play here on our site and through test flight which will allow a select group of testers to play on ipad.

Visit the Brick Bout Page to learn about how you can sign up to become a tester for iPad and take a moment to play the game right now on the web! You can also click the coming soon banner at the top of the page.

 If you are interested in playing these early versions of Brick Bout we ask a few things!

  1. Please join our FORUMS and post feedback so we can start improving the game before and after launch
  2. Keep in mind this is a pre-launch version of Brick Bout. Some things may be ugly, buggy, both, what evs. We will be working hard to fix uglyness.
  3. If you could spread the word through facebook, twitter, elaborate code messages on a short wave number station. Anything is appreciated!




Jul 232013

Holy crap! What!?!?!? That’s right. We finally have some Dude Man footage. The game has come a long way and has had a rather large artistic change. We’re still a long ways from launch so this is some early EARLY alpha footage. You even get to see some debug numbers floating around in there!

Be sure to check out the Dude Man Page and learn all about it!


Jul 162013

Our second title Brick Bout has been revealed and the new page for it is up! The page isn’t super amazing yet but we’ll soon be uploading a game play video for it!


Brick Bout is a local multi-player game that was concepted off of familiar ideas and then built into a fast paced and chaotic two player face off. Control two paddles, launch additional pucks when losing life, send pucks over to your enemies side and convert colors to gain advantage. Grab a friend, sit down, and control one side of the tablet against theirs.

Brick bout is meant to be a simple and quick way to get that feeling of playing video games in the same room with your friends again. Go check it out on the new BRICK BOUT PAGE!